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Caps Add Players

Capilanos Sign Two More Players
[Vancouver News-Herald, Jan. 29, 1946]
It was cold and there was snow on the ground, but as far as Bob Brown was concerned, it might as well have been spring.
“Have you ever been to Sunnyside?” Vancouver’s Mr. Baseball asked the shivering reporter. “It’s wonderful there, a perfect part, always wonderful weather. You’ll like it.”
“I’m s-u-r-r-r-e I wil-l-l,” chattered the reporter.
Anyway, Bob would have you believe, the grass is growing in his outfield, but it would appear there’s no grass growing under the feet of the manger of the Vancouver entry in the Western International baseball league.
Bob, whose club, under Manager Sylvester Johnson, begins spring training at Sunnyside, Wash., on either April 3 or 5, is fast rounding up a nice nine that he hopes will keep that W.I.L. pennant floating from his flag pole.
Already he has two pitchers, a catcher, and a couple of local boys, Reg Clarkson and George Bogdanovich, lined up for his 1946 squad, and he’s dickering with another outfielder, a second-sacker and two new hurlers.
Monday, he received the contracts of two more youngsters, a pitcher and an outfielder. The chucker is Bill O’Rourke, a Seattle southpaw, who hasn’t played pro ball but has semi-pro experience. O’Rourke, who is about 18 or 19, is described as a good prospect.
The flychaser is Neil Owens, a product of Willamette University, which has already provided Bob with a catcher, Ray Spurgeon. Owens, who is about 21, is just back from overseas. A fastball pitcher, Connie Higdon, signed recently, completes the present roster.
Opening date in Vancouver won’t be announced until the schedule, which Bob is battling with in his spare time, is approved by the league.
Ruby Robert is having a ltttle trouble with the clubs that want split weeks in their schedule. It’s alright for some cities, says Robert, but the hop between some towns, like Vancouver and Yakima, is too long to make the scheme practicable for everybody.
Bring out the sulphur and molasses, Ma. Those aren’t snowballs the kids are throwing. They’re baseballs.

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