Saturday, 4 October 2008

Seattle Capilanos

Capilanos May Play On Sunday In Sick Stadium
[Vancouver News-Herald, Nov. 3, 1945]
The problem of what to do with your week-ends next summer is practically solved. Bob Brown, Mr. Baseball locally, and Bill Mulligan of Seattle Rainiers have it all figured out.
On the eve of the important meeting of the revived Western International League in Victoria today and Sunday, Mulligan announced in Seattle that plans are underway to have our Vancouver Capilanos play their Sunday home games in Seattle’s Sick Stadium next season while the Suds are on the road.
“It would fill the professional baseball void in Seattle while the Rainiers are travelling, and give the Vancouver team a chance for some Sunday attendance in home games,” Mulligan, business manager of the Suds, said.
Here, Brown said that the plan was “pretty definite,” and pointed out that with gas restrictions off, a large Vancouver attendance could be looked for.
“It would also give the Seattle fans a chance to get an early look at their next players,” added Bob, who has a working agreement with the Rainier squad. Among the notable graduates from the Capilanos to the Rainiers are Ford Mullen, Hal Sueme, and Glen Elliot, to name a few.
Another important development, as far as the W.I.L. is concerned, took place in Tacoma Friday, where it was announced that Enoch Alexson had purchased that city’s franchise. Alexson is representing a group of Tacoma businessmen who expect to build a new park there and put baseball on its feet generally.
Alexson will probably attend the weekend meeting, which experts predict will wind up with an eight-team Class B setup being formed.

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