Saturday, 4 October 2008

Victoria Promised Player Support

Harney Says City Baseball Outlook Good
[Victoria Colonist, Dec. 18, 1946]
Victoria’s baseball prospects in the Western International League look better than ever, Laurel Harney, manager of the city’s entry in the league, said here yesterday on his return from annual meeting of the National Association of Professional Baseball League, held in Columbus, Ohio.
White away he held lengthy discussions with Vic Devincenzi, business manager of the Oakland club in the Pacific Coast League, and Brick Laws, co-owner of the club.
In Harney’s opinion Oakland will do all possible to supply Victoria with good players, and will look upon the Victoria team as a farm club. The Oakland team, which will lend its support to Victoria, has already promised Harney a number of players.
Others in Columbus stated that Victoria had made a good deal in aligning itself with Oakland, since the Oakland team has the reputation of having more players returning from the services than any other club on the Coast.
Harney also was promised support by Ray Kennedy, recently appointed general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Kennedy, who spent 13 years in the New York Yankees chain, promised the Victoria manager all assistance possible, and said he would be willing to help the Victoria club with the odd player. Harney said, however, that he was satisfied with the Oakland proposition and preferred to work with one team.
While in Columbus, Harney met “Happy” Chandler, American baseball commissioner; Joe McCarthy, manager of the Yankees, and Billy Southworth, formerly with the St. Louis Cardinals and now at Boston. He also spent some time with Lester Patrick in New York.

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