Sunday, 5 October 2008

Laurel Harney Talks Baseball

[Victoria Colonist, March 14, 1946]
Professional baseball will make its reappearance in Victoria this Summer after a lapse of more than two decades, thanks to the initiative of Laurel Harney, former playing manager of the Victoria Machinery Depot, city champions.
We are prepared to admit that the support of more than 200 local shareholders of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co., Ltd., the greater number of them businessmen, has actually made the move possible, but the one man who started the ball rolling was the peppery receiver of the shipbuilders, Laurel Harney.
Always a strong supporter of the diamond pastime, a sports which he has more than once tabbed as “the best game in the world,” Laurel Harney deserves the congratulations of every baseball-minded Victorian for the part he has played to place Victoria back into the professional baseball field.
A veteran athlete who has had considerable experience in sports generally as a player, manager and coach, Harney has worked hard to advance the plan to its present stage, and knowing sports and its obstacles, he realizes he still has a lot of hard work ahead of him. But he has the will and determination to succeed, and the ambition and drive to exert every influence to put it over.
Return of the professional diamond pastime will give the city much valuable advertising and go a long way to publicizing this city in the Pacific Northwest. Then too, it will be responsible for giving Victoria a vastly improved and up-to-date baseball park, something sports here have needed for a long time.

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