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Victoria Set to Apply For WIL Franchise

Victoria Company Will Sponsor Pro Ball
Local Businessmen Will Finance Club—Will File Incorporation Papers Today
[Victoria Colonist, August 29, 1945]
Plans for the return of professional baseball moved rapidly yesterday with the announcement by W.T. Straith, K.C., one of a group of local businessmen interested in the move, that incorporation papers of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co., Ltd., would be filed today with the registrar of companies at the Parliament Buildings.
Capitalized at $50,000, the company is being formed for the purpose of promotion baseball and other sports, but at the moment is primarily interested in the promotion of a professional baseball team in the Western International Baseball League.
Johnny Johnson, past president of the Chamber of Commerce, acted as chairman at the organization meeting, and Eric Cox has been appointed secretary pro tem. The committee working on the plan to raise $35,000, the amount required to finance a club in the W.I.B.L., comprises five Victoria businessmen.
Following filing of the incorporation papers and other financial moves, the directors will meet to make plans to place the stock of the new company on the market. It was made perfectly clear yesterday that no expenses will involved until Victoria has been assured a franchise in the professional league.
The team will be a local enterprise, finances in its entirety by Victoria capital. Complete organization of officers will follow the final awarding of a franchise to this city.
Next meeting of the W.I.B.L. is slate for September 9 at Tacoma, with President Roger [sic] Abel in charge. Laurel Harney, has been working hard on the Victoria project, and one other member will attend the session.
It was stated here yesterday that President Abel would probably visit the city prior to the meeting to look over the situation here.
Laurel Harney stated last night that negotiations have been carried on with Oakland club of the Pacific Coast Baseball League for a player tie-up, and present indications point to a favorable response. The management of the Oakland team is definitely interested, Harney stated, and Victoria, provided it can get the right kind of a deal, is very anxious to make the connection, the local player added.
Discussions with the city authorities will await the final awarding of the franchise. It has been reported, however, that Victoria has the “inside track” on other cities seeking entry into the loop, and with the work progressed to the present stage professional baseball seems assured for this city in 1946.

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