Sunday, 5 October 2008

Vancouver Gets New Players

Bob Brown Signs Young Flychaser For Capilanos
[Vancouver News-Herald, Feb. 22, 1946]
Every time the sun comes out, or a birdie sings, Bob Brown signs another ball player.
With a little co-operation from the weatherman, or the birdies, he hopes to have about 25 or 30 men on hand when his W.I.L. Capilanos shove off for spring training at Sunnyside, Wash., April 3.
Already he’s got about eight men, not including Manager Syl Johnson, lined up for the coming season, which opens up April 30.
Thursday, he announced the acquisition of Cleve Ramsey, an outfield prospect from Centralia, Wash. Ramsey, a youngster who spent the last couple of years in the army, has had no pro experience, but played a lot of ball in the services as well as high school and semi-pro.
Bob won’ be short of outfield material, because Wednesday we signed Bob Rossier, who was with the Caps in ’42 before joining the army. Already signed are Reg Clarkson, the local all-around athlete Bob expects will shine brightly this year; Neil Owens, from Willamette University; and Dick Andrews, another prewar Capilano.
Andrews may be converted into a pitcher, however. He returned to pitching while in the army, hurling for three years, and he has clippings to prove he didn’t do badly.
Other signees included Catcher Ray Spurgeon, another Willamette product, and pitchers Connie Higdon, a southpaw, and William John O’Rourke.
O’Rourke, who comes highly recommended by Seattle, was signed some time ago, but Bob has been so busy on the schedule as of late that he must have forgotten about him. In any case, he came across him behind an old sweatshirt or something yesterday, and proudly presented him as a new candidate.
That schedule, by the way, will be getting quite a working over in Seattle this week-end, when the league meets to straighten out a few last details before the opening gun.
Bob, who is chairman of the schedule committee, expects a lot of fireworks on the “split week” proposition. Wenatchee, Yakima, Spokane and Bremerton are said to be in favor of the plan, but Bob, strongly supported by Salem and maybe Victoria, is “agin” it. Salem, as a matter of fact, would like two weeks at home and two on the road, but aren’t expected to get much support there.
The cities are spread around too much, and life is too short, says Robert, to be hopping around like you had itchy feet.
However, “It’s all in a day’s work,” says Bob. “Do you think it will rain much this summer?”

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