Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lookahead to '46

The Bullpen
[Vancouver News-Herald, Sept. 20, 1946]
From all indications, Victoria will be one of the strongest links in the Western International League next season. George Straith, one of the backers of the club, was in town Wednesday and reports that several changes are in store for Royal Athletic Park.
Lights will be installed and the stands will be moved back 25 feet. Additional bleachers will also be constructed.
Strongest in History
At present, Laurel Harney, former House of David star, and probably manager of the Victoria entry, is in Oakland attempting to line up the Coast League club for a working agreement.
Victoria’s population is now over the 100,000 mark and it is a good sports town. Baseball this season has gone over well with packed houses the rule rather than the exception.
As things look now, the W.I.L. will be stronger in 1946 than at any time in its history. Vancouver is owned by the Seattle Rainiers; Salem by the Portland Beavers; Tacoma has a working agreement with San Francisco; Wenatchee may link up with a major league club and Victoria with the Oaks. Spokane has always been one of the strong members of the loop.
New Stadium Soon
Capilano Stadium will probably be enlarges at the beginning of the season but from present indications, our new stadium will probably be ready by mid-season. Site of the new concrete edifice is likely to be the east side of Little Mountain. A spot behind the Great Northern Station is also under consideration.
All in all, everything points to a great baseball season next year.

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