Saturday, 4 October 2008

WIL and Others Back in Business

Minor Loops Will Boom Next Year
DURHAM, N. C., Sept. 11 (INS) — Minor league baseball appears headed for a boom year next season—but it may take two years or more before it reaches pre-war levels.
President William C. Bramham of the National Association of Professional Baseball leagues, in announcing the reinstatement of five suspended junior circuits, predicted Monday that “the minor nation's league map will be enlarged appreciably in 1946.”
Some Still Suspended
Bramham said that during the next month or two “the map will be dotted with league meetings called to discuss reorganization.”
Suspended leagues, which folded up during the war but whose reinstatement has been approved are the Texas, Western International, Sally, Canadian-American and Western Association.
Minor leagues still on the suspended list are the Three-I, Middle Atlantic, Northern, Pioneer, Georgia-Florida, Penn State, and Wisconsin State.
Peak Was 44 Loops
Bramham indicated that the majority of these leagues, if not all of them, will attempt to operate next season.
The league association president suggested that it will take from two to three years before the minors will be back to their peak of 44 leagues.

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