Saturday, 4 October 2008

WIL November Meeting - Day 2

Bremerton and Wenatchee Baseball Clubs Will Play Next Season With W.I.L.
V1CTORIA, B. C., Nov. 4—Bremerton and Wenatchee were granted franchises in the Western International baseball league at a meeting of directors here Sunday, bringing the circuit to eight clubs. Previously franchises had been granted to Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, Tacoma, Spokane, Yakima and Salem.
The directors met for three hours Saturday night and four hours Sunday debating the advisability of increasing the membership. Final decision was reached half an hour before the Seattle boat left, taking home the American club representatives.
The Bremerton franchise was granted to W. W. Shepperd, while the Sacramento baseball club was given the Wenatchee rights.
Yubi Separovich of the Sacramento Solons said after the meeting that the Solons and Wenatchee would operate as separate entities.
"Sacramento has 105 players signed up. We propose to give Wenatchee the choice of our surplus players and will help out by giving a straight release to others who may be wanted by other clubs of the W.I.L.," he said.
The Wenatchee and Bremerton franchise requested was the only business transacted Sunday. The schedule will be drawn up later. Opening date of play will be April 30 and the league will close September 8.

W.I Loop Takes In Wenatchee; Bremerton Nines
[Vancouver News Herald, November 5, 1945]
VICTORIA—Eight teams, the largest in the history of the Western International Baseball League, will go to the barrier on April 30, when the current lifts on the first postwar season of the class “B” professional baseball circuit.
Concluding their two-day annual meeting here Sunday afternoon, directors of the W.I.L., after discussions lasting many hours, granted franchises to Wenatchee and Bremerton, boosting the league to an eight-team circuit.
Sacramento Solons, represented by Yubi Separovich, will replace the ball club in Wenatchee, while W.W. Shepheard was granted the franchise in the Navy Yard town of Bremerton.
Before Sunday’s decision to increase the loop to eight clubs there were six franchise holders in the Western International baseball league. They were: Vancouver, Yakima, Tacoma, Salem, Spokane and Victoria.
Clubs in the W.I.L. will play 133 games, with 19 weeks of baseball. Directors decided against a play-off system, but a pool will be set aside for division on a pro ratio basis depending on the position the teams finish in the league schedule.
Assurance that the Pacific Coast League would be willing to lend all possible help was given by George Norgan, Vancouver, president of the Portland Beavers of the Coast League.
Bob Brown, veteran mentor of the Vancouver Capilanos, was non-committal on his club at this time, other than to state that a number of former members of the Capilanos would be back with the squad. However, with a definite tie-up with Seattle Rainiers, cagey Robert is not the least bit perturbed about the player situation.
Frankly, Mr. Brown is more concerned about Vancouver’s ball park. “For the time being we have to continue at Capilano Stadium, but we may be able to finish our season in a new park. At the moment I am keeping my fingers crossed, but as soon as materials and labor become available I shall be able to make a more definite announcement on our park plans,” Brown commented.

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